The Fundamental Motive of Terrorists

Why do modern youths turn into terrorists and endanger their life? What desires, motives or ambitions do they intend to achieve after killing the innocents? Apart from the unemployed and uneducated ones, many educated and prosperous people are committing terrorist activities.

Let us try to analyse the motive of countless terrorists fighting with a serious risk to their lives. What may be the attraction or passion of a suicide bomber? What blessing can attract somebody to dedicate their most prized possession, the life?

In fact, fanaticism is the extreme form of fundamentalism—the strict adherence to the ancient holy scriptures. Certain fundamentalist parents and priests teach their age-old knowledge to their children. Such preaching from childhood hypnotizes the
victims for lifetime. The most common lesson is that the holy violence—to safeguard your religion—appeases God. The devotee who will die during the holy task will reach heaven immediately and bring glory and honour to their family. The priests narrate several stories of past religious wars and glorify the dead soldiers who dedicated their lives for the noble cause. They further assert that these martyrs are living in heaven happily. The eyewitness accounts of the beautiful maidens and other
luxuries in the heaven are explained.

These children are motivated daily that they must also dedicate their life to safeguard their religion and thus their gods. They need not fear death; offering their life for the sake of religion is such a pious deed that would ensure heaven for them in case of their death. Aspiration of heaven through holy violence is an illusion that grows by teachings. After such teachings, certain children develop a burning desire to dedicate their life to religion. It is not an extempore transformation: it is a result of
prolong brainwashing.

These children may turn out to be suicide bombers. After they grow up, some of them may tie bombs round their waists with a conviction that they would find themselves in heaven immediately after the explosion. Heaven and only heaven can attract someone to suicide.

Most religious texts aver that a devotee could achieve heaven after practising a stern moral behaviour for his whole life. On the other hand, any young suicide bomber can easily achieve heaven, decades earlier than his peers, after committing a minute act of criminal bravery. Thus, to achieve heaven, it is wiser to work for one moment instead of following rigorous morals for decades. This is the fundamental reason behind the desire of terrorists to dedicate their life to religion.